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Soccer Headgear


FIFA Laws of the Game

Rule #4 from FIFA’s official Laws of The Game states that “headgear made of soft, lightweight padded material is permitted” for use in matches

Effectiveness of soccer headgear

Studies have examined the effectiveness of soccer headgear in protecting players from concussions.

A recent study investigated whether soccer headgear would reduce the incidence or severity of concussions in high school athletes. It was concluded that soccer headgear did not reduce the incidence or severity of concussions.

Regarding the effectiveness of soccer headgear, there are also concerns that the use of protective headgear may enable soccer players to develop a false sense of security and play in a more aggressive manner, increasing the risk of sustaining a concussion.


Overall, recent research on soccer headgear shows that it is not effective at protecting players from concussions. However, because there have been very few studies examining the role of soccer headgear so far, further research in the future is needed to validate findings. 

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