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About Us

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world: millions of youth play this beautiful game.  However, a serious issue that plagues the game of soccer is concussions.


Concussions in Youth Soccer is a comprehensive resource on concussions created specifically for the youth soccer community. We inform soccer players, parents, and coaches of the latest and most relevant information on the issue of concussions in soccer. Our concussion resources are available in both English and Korean.

Concussions in Youth Soccer was created in 2022 by Minhong Kim, a high school student who is a soccer player, coach, and referee as well as a passionate advocate of concussion education and awareness.

Educating the youth soccer community on concussions


Through Concussions in Youth Soccer, I hope to educate players, coaches, and parents in the youth soccer community about concussions — and ultimately, change how concussions are perceived. We need to recognize that concussions are serious injuries that can result in short-term and long-term consequences.

Only when we recognize the serious nature of concussions can we better protect the health of youth soccer players​ and empower them to continue to play the beautiful game of soccer.

- Minhong Kim, Founder of Concussions in Youth Soccer

Minhong Kim
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