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Kind Reviews About Concussions in Youth Soccer


“The Concussions in Youth Soccer website is a unique and much-needed resource for parents with children playing soccer and adolescents who want to learn on their own. Concussions in Youth Soccer is evidence-based and up-to-date while being accessible and reader-friendly.”

- Malayka Gormally, Concussion Alliance Co-Executive Director

"Being aware, informed, and proactive about understanding and taking action when signs of a concussion are essential in keeping youth soccer players healthy and excited about playing the game they love. This website provides information and resources that are necessary for every coach, referee, parent, and player to know about concussions and the risks involved in playing soccer. As a youth soccer coach and referee myself, I encourage everyone involved in the game of soccer to review the information provided on the site in order to help and support those playing the beautiful game of soccer."

- Dr. Ryan Dellos; Educator, Soccer Coach & Referee

"As a physical and health education teacher and a soccer coach, I am aware of many of the risks involved in contact sports like soccer. This is why Minhong's efforts are so important in raising awareness of some of the health and safety risks involved in the most popular game in the world. I applaud Minhong for creating this website and striving to make the game safer for youths around the world. Minhong, who has also served alongside myself as an assistant soccer coach, has years of personal experience to speak from and does a great job of discussing concussions on this website."

- Mr. Marcio Alves; PHE Teacher and Soccer Coach

"Coaches, players, parents, and other stakeholders have to be aware of the issues that challenge the health of soccer players. Concussions in Youth Soccer is a great resource, put together by someone who loves the game and who is driven to make it accessible in the best of ways for all; I will strongly recommend it to my players and their parents. Such resources are extremely important to ensure we all get the correct information about what a concussion really is."

- Mr. ​Jean-Loup I. Francois; Soccer Player, Coach, Parent, and lover of the beautiful game.


Educating the youth soccer community on concussions

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