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Concussions in Youth Soccer

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Educate & Empower

Concussions are a serious issue that plagues the beautiful game of soccer.

Concussions in Youth Soccer is a comprehensive resource on concussions created for the youth soccer community. We inform soccer players, parents, and coaches of the latest and most relevant information on the issue of concussions in soccer.

Our goal is to educate & empower the youth soccer community.

Our concussion resource


We maintain a comprehensive resource focusing specifically on concussions in youth soccer. Our resource includes general information about concussions as well as soccer-specific information about concussions.

Some of our soccer-specific content includes topics such as the rate of concussions in soccer, how soccer players sustain concussions, the effects of heading the ball, current soccer guidelines on heading, headgear use, length of concussion recovery, concussion baseline testing, and return-to-sport protocol.

You can explore our resource on concussions here:

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